Frequently asked questions

Do you provide delivery service?

No. If you want to recieve delivery orders, the restaurant is responsible for delivery.

What about credit card processing fees?

We reccomend using Stripe for their advanced reporting and ease of use. However, we integrate with most major credit card processing gateways. If we're not currently setup with your provider we will try to integrate with them!

Do you integrate with my POS?

Not yet, but we're working on it!

How to refund or edit orders?

We give you full control over your orders. Anytime you need to refund or edit an order, you can do so via your restaurant dashboard.

Do you charge fees on everything including tips?

No, you keep 100% of your tips!

Do you offer paid SEO services?

Yes! We offer bespoke ad services to boost your online presence. Contact your account manager for more information.